The Canoe Bay Sailing Club was formed in 1969 with the idea that yacht racing could be inexpensive, uncomplicated and available to everyone.

We believe in the K.I.S.S Principal - Lots of racing - $30/yr.

In Memory of Gordie Inglis

Gordie, one of the founders of the Canoe Bay Sailing Club, was a gruff old sailor with a heart of gold. Every racer I know has, at one time or another, watched the stern of Gordy's boat as he crossed the finish line.

How To Join

Contact us through: Visit us on

Dave Campbell: 250-656-9768
Kim Hutlet: 250-508-6860
Or email us at

Races, Regattas and Results

Results for the Fall Joint #5 are posted. Hats off the Prairie Sun crew and thanks to David and friends for doing RC .

SNSYC is hosting a Great Pumpkin race on Sunday November 6th and then a series of Long Distance races heading into December. Please come out and joing the fun. Races for SNSYC start at 11am and use a 5 minute start sequence. Race instructions and courseinfo can be found at:

There's a few pics on the CBSC Facebook page

Up Comming Races

Course Descriptions


Sunday October 2 at 1000 hours - Fall Joint Series #1
Sunday October 9 at 1000 hours - Fall Joint Series #2
Sunday October 16 at 1000 hours - Fall Joint Series #3
Sunday October 23 at 1000 hours - Fall Joint Series #4
Sunday October 30 at 1000 hours - Fall Joint Series #5

10 minute Start Sequence for CBSC hosted Races

10 minutes white flag up - one horn
6 minutes - white flag down
5 minutes blue flag up - one horn
1 minute blue flag down
Start red flag up - one horn

5 Minute Start Sequence for SNSYC hosted races.

6 minutes - 3 horns (courtesy only)
5 minutes - orange flag up - one horn
4 minute - prep flag up - one horn
1 minute - prep flag down - one horn
Start - orange flag down - one horn

A big thanks to Darryl and My Tai and the SNSYC for dropping some pretty skookum marks at Kerr Is., the Spit and James Is. Their positions are listed below and are approximate.

NOTE: More thanks to Daryl , he replaced the James Island mark (#4) - this one is a red scottsman, not to be confused with the the chief engineer of the Enterpirse. Lat/Long has been updated.

Kerr Island and Sidney Spit marksJames Island mark

Lat/Longs are approximate of course and subject to the vagaries of wind, tide and silly folk. Last updated Dec 20, 2015

Mark 1 - Kerr Is:
Lat:   48.40.04
Long: 123.22.38

Mark 2- Sidney Spit - just South of light:
Lat:  48.39.06
Long: 123.20.80

Mark 4 - James Is - just East of meadow:
Lat:  48°37.205
Long: 123.21.813